Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning and maintenance are essential if you wish your costume to be more durable. We offer the following services to restore your mascot character to its best condition: Basic cleaning, deodorizing, stain removal, surface repairing, structural repairing and more.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a method using high-temperature steam that can kill ordinary bacteria on any surface, the strong pressure steam particles can penetrate every inch of stain on your costume. The cleaning process do not use any chemical cleaners, or produce chemical waste water, to avoid the allergy symptoms, allowing your guests (especially kides) to hug with the character without worries.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Ultraviolet light is the most reliable and safe disinfection method available nowadays. When bacteria, viruses and protozoa are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting.

Fur Refurbishing

Furry character is always pleasing, whether it is a cute teddy bear or a mighty lion, fur is an important element of your character's appearance, a direct impact on people's feelings. Our fur care services can sort out the character's appearance and reproduce his amiable or domineering side.

Surface Repairing

We provide a variety of repair services, include: surface repairing , zipper repairing, fan repairing, re-color, etc., there are more yet to be listed, you can contact us and get repair quote.

Structural Repairing

Found a problem with the existing design? We can help you improve your existing design! Service include: Improving the air supply system, adding reflective eye / mesh, anti-fog treatment, modify the structure, thicken shoes.

Get a Quot / Start a Booking

Each performance are different, and our charge varies depends on different factor: costume, character, height, date, time, location, requirement etc. In order to let you enjoy the most intimate and suitable service, we will need the following details to provide professional advice and quotations.

Recommend Details

To maintain a high quality performing, we recommend to provide the following information.

  • Photos of Charactor / Mascot
  • Cleaning: Any areas that need to focus on cleaning (Eg: liprinting, mud, food stains, strong odors)
  • Repair: Surface Repairing / Structural Repairing
  • Do you need transportation service (or bring to Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Main Office by your own)
  • Date to retrieve (usually need one week or more)

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