Professional Mascot Performance

Professional Mascot Performance

Our team is the mascot lovers and well experienced, we know how to bring a character to life. With our passionate performance, we aim to provide an energetic, animated, professional mascot acting services for your guest. We believe a rich body movements create a likable character, in order to enhance the corporate image and reputation. We keep our faith, to provide professional mascot performance services.

Type of Costumes that can be performed

  • Tradidtional Mascot (1-head body to 4-head body or above)
  • Inflatable Mascot (aka Air Mascot, Balloon Mascot)
  • Animegao Kigurumi (humanlike, require specific bodyshape)
  • Power Rangers / Super Sentai / SuperHero
  • Realistic Animatronic Animal Costume
  • Not including: Open Face Mascot
  • Not including: Santa, God of Fortune

Performer Height Available

  • Performer Available:
  • 135cm - 195cm (1.35 Meter - 1.95 Meter)
  • 4′ 5 - 6′ 5 (4 Feet 5 Inches to 6 Feet 5 Inches)
  • Common Height:
  • 145cm - 175cm (1.45 Meter - 1.75 Meter)
  • 4′ 9 - 5′ 9 (4 Feet 9 Inches to 5 Feet 9 Inches)

Performance Properties

Meet and Greet
Our team consists of mascot lovers and experienced performers, ready to bring characters to life. With our passion on mascot performance, we aim at providing animated, energetic, and professional mascot acting services for your guest.
Tour / Media Visit
Planning to bring your character for a tour visit? Mascoter offer complete logistics and storage solutions for your costumes. With our specialist experience for character appearances in different Cinema, Malls, Office environments, we aim to provide a smooth and successful tour!
PR / Photography / Shooting
A photo tells a story, is your character cute or mighty, playful or quite? With our animated and energetic performers that understand your character, we able show your character personality and lifelike movment for every shot.
Dance / Mini Show
Show is always the best way to show your character’s image to the public. Mascoter provide an interactive experience from QA section to Dance performance, delivering stories and informations of your character to guest.

Service Area / Country

  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Taiwan
  • ShenZhen, China
  • Guangzhou, China

Mode of Cooperation

  • One-off
  • Short-Term (eg. Summer Period)
  • Long-Term (eg. 1 Year)

Get a Quot / Start a Booking

Each performance are different, and our charge varies depends on different factor: costume, character, height, date, time, location, requirement etc. In order to let you enjoy the most intimate and suitable service, we will need the following details to provide professional advice and quotations.

Recommend Details

To maintain a high quality performing, we recommend to provide the following information.

  • Photos of Charactor/ Mascot
  • Recommend height range of Performer
  • Performance properties (advertising photography, meet and greet, dancing, etc.)
  • Performance date and time
  • Venue

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